Slobot, the band

Slobot - the band

Formed in Los Angeles in the summer of 1986 by three 18 year old THC deprived psychedelic punk misfits of Eastern European heritage, Slobot made a joyful noise unto their Lord that may never be fully grasped and surely never fully appreciated. While still living with their parents and getting unready for college Slobot defied and deified their own technical limitations and jammed for the summer, leaving behind a snapshot of a very strange and uniquely powerful comraderie.

Consisting of Bernard Bernard on 2-piece drum kit and vocals, Jay Fienberg on keyboards and vocals, and Eduard Marghidan on guitar and vocals, Slobot left the Universe just over two hours of some of the most original, disturbed, and frenetic recorded avant-garage-rock of any decade. Recorded onto a 5 dollar mono tape recorder strategically placed on the floor, the sound found on a Slobot cd far transcends the situation wherein the music was born. Frank Zappa once said that The Shaggs were better than the Beatles, and he was right. Well, I say Slobot is better than The Shaggs, and I am right.

Slobot - Jay and Bernard Slobot - Bernard and Edi Slobot - Jay and Edi

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